Clients may come to us as a result of injury or may be looking for assistance with decisions about a vocational or academic goal. In most cases, this comes down to determining where a client’s strengths lie, but also getting a clear picture of the barriers that may be blocking them from achieving their goals, because the better we understand these barriers, the better we can devise a way to overcome them using the client’s strengths.


At HeadWise Rehabilitation, we provide assessments for the purpose of identifying any challenges that clients may have and utilizing the results to make recommendations regarding treatment, academic accommodations, possible vocational goals, and/or skills upgrading programs. We specialize in neuropsychological assessments for people with head injuries or other suspected neurocognitive impairments, such as memory troubles and distractibility. We also offer a diagnostic screening assessment for clients who experience neurocognitive impairments but may not require a full neuropsychological assessment. Our assessments are conducted by highly skilled psychologists who have extensive experience in the field of working with brain injury or brain dysfunction resulting from a variety of other causes.


An assessment at HeadWise Rehabiliation typically consists of a detailed interview to obtain information about relevant issues in a client’s background (such as medical history, schooling, and work history), cognitive testing, a report, and a debriefing session once the report has been completed. We provide assessments to clients who are referred by law firms, from employment service centres, and through WorkSafeBC. Self-referrals and referrals from other sources are welcomed as well.


Assessments can be altered/tailored/customized based on the purpose of the referral. To make a referral, please call 604-417-7390 or submit our                                   .It is often helpful to discuss the circumstances that are leading to considering a referral for assessment, and for such a consultation prior to making a referral, please contact Dr. Viljoen at 604-671-6059.


Types of assessments offered at HeadWise Rehabilitation:


Neuropsychological Assessment


Purpose: Evaluate and identify any cognitive impairment with regard to mood, behaviour, ability, attention, memory etc.

Suitable for: Clients who have had a traumatic brain injury, clients who have suspected cognitive impairments; clients who exhibit cognitive impairments.

Duration of assessment: 1-2 days


Neuropsychological Screening Assessment:


Purpose: Evaluate whether the client needs a full neuropsychological assessment or to clarify a diagnosis

Suitable for: Clients who experience cognitive impairments but it is uncertain whether they need a full neuropsychological assessment

Duration of Assessment: 0.5 day


Psychological Assessment:


Purpose: Evaluate current and overall psychological functioning, and identify any impairments

Suitable for: Clients who do not have a history of traumatic brain injuries but are experiencing difficulties with daily life

Duration of assessment: 1 day


Psychoeducational (Learning Disability) Assessment:


Purpose: Evaluate and identify academic difficulties

Suitable for: Students/clients who have a history of learning difficulties; students/clients who are currently or will be returning to school but require an evaluation in order to receive assistance

Duration of assessment: 1-2 days