Client FAQ's-Regarding Neuropsychological Assessments

What is the purpose of the assessment?

A Neuropsychological Vocational Assessment: · Helps you and your Case Manager better understand how your brain works. · It is used to assist with vocational planning. · Helps you and your case manager understand your strengths and areas of difficulty. · Helps you and your case manager understand how to use your strengths to overcome or reduce the impact of any barriers.

What are the different components of an assessment?

The assessment can take up to 2 days. There are 2 parts to it: 1) Interview with a clinician (1.5-2 hours long) 2) Cognitive activities with a psychometrist (the rest of the appointment time) The clinician will ask you questions to: · Get to know you. · Understand why you were referred to us. · What your goals are. · What you think your strengths and barriers are. . The cognitive activities may include topics such as: · Answering questions. · Filling in questionnaires. · Solving puzzles. · Drawing pictures.

Why does the assessment take two days?

We recognise that people have different abilities to tolerate activity and we try to make the assessment as comfortable as possible. Some people may be able to complete it in one day, while for others it may be better if it is broken into two days. In other words, you might not need all the time that is given, but we book full days just in case the time is required. If you need an additional day, the psychometrist will book another appointment with you at the end of the day.

Is there any physical work? Will I be climbing stairs?

No, all activities will be done at a desk.

Do I have to wear anything specific for the assessment?

Please wear something comfortable.

What do I need to bring to the assessment?

Please bring the following: · Reading glasses (if you use them). · Hearing aids (if you need them). · Any medication you may need during the time period you’re with us · Provisions for lunch. · A copy of your resume (if you did not provide one to your Case Manager to forward to us ahead of time).

Can my mother/father/spouse/other support come with me?

Family members or other support persons are welcome to attend. The clinician will interview you together, but may also interview you separately. Your support person will not be permitted in the room with you when you are working with the psychometrist, but they are welcome to wait in the waiting area.

What if I can’t make the appointment?

If you cannot attend one of your appontment days please call our office at 604-417-7390 and advise us. We appreciate you giving as much notice as possible because our staff members requre advanced notice due to travel plans.

What happens after the assessment?

Once the assessment is complete, the clinician will write a report that contains: · Information you have provided during the interview. · Information that was gathered during the assessment. · Results of the cognitive activities. · Recommendations of possible vocations that suit your skills, needs and interests. A feedback session will also be scheduled.

When will the report be ready?

The report is typically ready in about 4 weeks from the date of your last appointment.

Why does it take up to 4 weeks for the report to be finished?

The 4-week time period is broken down into: Week 1 – Required for completion of testing, the and return of test materials to the office. Psychometrist prepares the results of the cognitive activities. Week 2, 3 –The clinician interprets the results and writes the report. Week 4 –The director reviews the report. Administration staff than finalize the report for delivery and for the feedback session.

Will I get a copy of the report and can a copy of the report go to my GP?

With your consent, the report will be sent to your Case Manager who referred you to us. Your Case Manager will provide you with a copy of the report at the time of the feedback session, which you can then make copies from to give to your GP.

What is the feedback session for, and where do I go for the appointment?

The feedback session is about 1-hour long. It’s a chance for you and your Case Manager to meet with the clinician. At the feedback, the clinician will: · Go over the results and recommendations. · Explain what everything means and answer any questions you or your case manager manger may have. At the feedback session, your Case Manager will: · Give you a copy of the report. · Provide support during and after the feedback as you move forward with your next steps. The feedback sessions normally take place at your Case Manager’s office.