FAQ's-Case Managers

Case Manager FAQ's-Regarding Neuropsychological Assessments

How do I make a referral to Headwise?

Please fill out a referral form. A copy of the referral form can be sent to you upon request. You can also make a referral through our website at headwise.ca.

Who do I talk to for more information about the referral process?

Please contact our office at 604-417-7390 or by email or info@headwise.ca to reach Lily Cho, Office Manager.

I have a client whom I think is suited for a Neuropsychological Vocational assessment, but I am not sure. What should I do?

If you have clinical questions regarding a client, and would like a consultation prior to making a referral, Dr. Hendre Viljoen is available at 604-671-6059 or by email at hendre.viljoen@headwise.ca.

What should I tell the client about the assessment?

Please inform clients of the following: · The assessment could 1-2 days, consisting of an interview and cognitive activites. · Clients will have a lunch break along with any other short breaks they may require throught the day. Please remind clients to bring: o Reading glasses/hearing aids/medication as requred. o Provisions for lunch. o A copy of their resume (if they did not provide you with one to pass on to us beforehand) o The assessment is done entirely at a desk. There is no physical activity and they should dress comfortably.

How long will it be before I receive the report?

The report will be sent out to you approximately 4 weeks after the client's last asessment appointment.

What happens if my client started but did not complete an assessment (e.g. declined completing assessment)?

We will notify you if a client initiated but did not complete an assessment. You may request that the clinician prepare a partial report based on the information available. In such cases we will charge a portion of the normal fee dependent on the amount of information gathered.

How are debriefing/feedback sessions set up?

You will be contacted by our office manager, Lily Cho, once the client has completed the asessment process. A feedback session will be booked at this time. Alternatively, you may contact us directly at 604-417-7390 or by email at info@headwise.ca.

Can the assessment take place at our office?

Yes, our staff is able to travel to the referral source's office in order to asses clients. However, if space is limited or unavailable, we can assess the client at one of our offices.

What office setup is required for your assessments?

We would require office space that is private and in a relatively quiet area, with a desk setup that allows the client and our staff member to sit across from each other.

If the assessment took place at a Headwise office will the feedback session also occur there?

Not necessarily, our clinician will travel to your office to meet with you and the client for the feedback session. A telephone or teleconference (e.g. Skype) feedback option is also available; this would envolve you and the client meeting at your office, and our clincian calling in to your office at the time of the appointment.

How long are feedback sessions?

They are one hour long.